Legal Notice

The following document describes the policy conducted by DIAGOMAIL in terms of respect for privacy and information about you. Please note that browsing the site implies your full acceptance of the conditions described below.
What information related to visits are stored and used by Diagomail?
When a user visits a page of the site, our servers automatically identify this visit and store the following data:

  • - Your IP address
  • - The address of the site that brought you to ours, if it exists
  • - The identifier and version of your web browser
  • - The operating system you are using
  • - If necessary, the terms entered in your search engine to arrive on our pages

This data is not particular, and the current usage is that many servers automatically identify this information. The interest of storing these data is twofold. On the one hand, we can adapt our content to provide the best possible compatibility, depending on your browser and operating system. In addition, we seek every day to increase the traffic on our website. In this sense, the consultation of the statistics allows us to evaluate our position within the research tools.
What private information is used on the site ?
As part of our contact forms, you will be asked for various private data:

  • - Civility
  • - Name
  • - First name
  • - E-mail
  • - Phone
  • - Society

Under no circumstances will this information be stored on our site, on database or other storage formats. The personal data that you communicate to us are sent to the e-mails of our sales managers, so that they can contact you and answer you. Moreover, these coordinates are exclusively intended for the use of DIAGOMAIL, within the framework of your project, and will not be diffused at any time to thirds.