A know-how to monetize
Proceeding a database requires expertise and daily statistical analysis. Diagomail teams put their know-how at the service of users to send them the most relevant offers that will generate their interest.

Our result policy is based on three main factors: the origin of the addresses, the collection methods and the conversion rate, in order to guarantee the best monetization possible in a sustainable way.


Collection of
new addresses

We monetize databases in a segmented way. We have databases from various players of the market (e-commerce, tour operators, comparators, online games ...) that allow us to target different audiences and to better support our advertisers, always in a logic of ROI for them.

OUR NETWORK OF PARTNERS At Diagomail, we work with agencies, platforms, boards and advertisers who offer the best campaigns of the market and who trust us since our creation. We are also constantly creating new partnerships to always have the best campaigns.



Simply by entrusting us with the monetization of your database. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, emailing remains today the most effective digital channel to generate income. Our cutting-edge tools combined with our know-how, guarantee you a high profitability of the monetization of your database in the long term.

TRANSPARENT COLLABORATION Together, we set up a monetization strategy adapted to your data base in order to guarantee the best results ever. You have permanent visibility into your database statistics from our online portal, to ensure transparency of our work and to facilitate access to your invoices of request and thus to your revenues.

OUR WORKING METHODS Our working method already in place on our 12 databases has already proven their worth and guarantees the highest level of income to our customers. In addition to our monetization strategy by dedicated programs, we benefit from a deliverability department that ensures the highest quality of our delivery. Thanks to our network of advertisers partners we benefit from premium payout which benefits the monetization of your base, and therefore your income!

COMMON OBJECTIVES At Diagomail, the set-up fees are free, and we base our business model on performance, with a common goal: the result. Our ambition is to generate maximum income for everyone, respecting the agreements and the marketing strategy designed together

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